Token Gating Platform

Give access to exclusive token-gated content for your NFT holders.

Easily add an NFT token gate on any kind of content. Restrict access to exclusive content only accessible for your NFT holders. NFT as a login is here.

token gating platform

Proof of Ownership

Give exclusive content access to those that already have one of your NFTs. Reward your real supporters with exclusive content just for them.

Ultra Secure

Let your customer connect through MetaMask from your website and protect them from scams or frauds.

Data Infused

Gather important data from your NFT holders to know even more about them.

Token-Gating Made Simple

A simple solution to benefit your community with exclusive access to token-gating content of any kind. Setup in less than a minute.

Premium Care

Show your NFT holders that they care more than anyone else by giving them access to exclusive gated content.

Premium token gated content
Secure NFT proof of ownership

Secure for your NFT holders

Let your customers connect safely to MetaMask directly from your website to prove they own one of your NFTs. Protect your customers from scams.

Flexible Solution

Add a token-gate to any content by adding a simple copy-paste HTML code.

Require Additional Data

Ask more data from your NFT holders to access your content. Require email, be a discord member and more to be eligible to access exclusive content.

Secondary Collections

Launch more NFTs collections or give priority access to those that already have one of your previous NFTs.

What's Inside our no-code token gating platform

Simple yet effective content gating features waiting inside.

NFT Proof of Ownership

With our MetaMask integration, your NFT holders can validate if they are allowed to enter your content gate in a matter of clicks.


Let your customers use their NFT as a login for your gated content. Build a community of fervent supporters.

Token Gate Content

From a website section, access to a Discord server, a secondary NFT collection launch, or selling tickets for an event. Your imagination is the limit to setting up your gated content.

Token Gating Discord

Restrict access to your Discord server for those that hold one of your NFTs.

Token Gating Website

Allow access to an entire website or to just certain pages for those that prove that has one of your NFTs.


Hide confidently content from non-supporters. Our solution takes care of authentication and content gate accessibility.

Data Infused

Collect more valuable customer information: email, be in your discord server, follow you on Twitter, and more coming soon.


Manage and export the collected data from your customers from a simple dashboard.


Learn how your NFT holders are interacting with your gated content.

CMS Ready

Works with most of the CMS platforms available on the net.

No-code token gate implementation

Create your account, set up your gate, and you'll be ready to go. No complex jargon to understand how to give your NFT holders access to exclusive content.

Integrations of our token gating platform

Developed with the most relevant web3 services in mind.

Works with

Our solution is a simple HTML code, it will work on pretty every website and CMS available.

The Geeks Behind

More than twenty years in the making. We've created thousands of applications and platforms to convert, retain and monetize audiences on the web and now on web3.